Stable version

You can install the most recent stable version of EinsteinPy in the following ways. At the moment, using pip is recommended, since the package on conda-forge is currently a version behind PyPI. We are working on updating it.

  • Using pip:

    $ pip install einsteinpy
  • Using conda:

    $ conda install -c conda-forge einsteinpy

Latest version

For installing the latest version, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Installation from clone:

    $ git clone
    $ cd einsteinpy/
    $ pip install .
  • Install using pip:

    $ pip install git+

Note that the latest version is not guaranteed to be stable.

Development version

If you want to contribute to EinsteinPy, please see the Developer Guide for instructions on how to set up your development environment and start contributing.

First run

Now that you have EinsteinPy installed, you can try out some of the examples listed in the Examples section. Below, we demonstrate a simple example of plotting a precessing timelike geodesic in Schwarzschild spacetime.

from einsteinpy.plotting import StaticGeodesicPlotter
from einsteinpy.examples import precession

gpl = StaticGeodesicPlotter()
Precession in Schwarzschild spacetime