Geodesic module

In differential geometry, a geodesic is a curve representing in some sense the shortest path between two points in a surface.

class einsteinpy.geodesic.Geodesic(body, end_lambda, step_size=0.001, time=<Quantity 0. s>, metric=<class 'einsteinpy.metric.schwarzschild.Schwarzschild'>)[source]

Bases: object

Class for defining geodesics of different geometries.

  • body (Body) – Test particle for which geodesics is to be calculated.

  • end_lambda (float) – Lambda(proper time in seconds) where iterations will stop

  • step_size (float, optional) – Size of each increment in proper time. Defaults to 1e-3.

  • time (s, optional) – Time of start, Defaults to 0 seconds.

  • metric (Schwarzschild or Kerr or KerrNewman, optional) – Class of the spacetime metric in which geodesics are to be calculated. Defaults to Schwarzschild.