Source code for einsteinpy.examples

import numpy as np

from einsteinpy.geodesic import Timelike

__all__ = ["precession"]

[docs]def precession(): """ An example to showcase the usage of the various modules in ``einsteinpy``. Here, we assume a Schwarzschild spacetime and obtain a test particle orbit, that shows apsidal precession. Returns ------- geod: ~einsteinpy.geodesic.Timelike Timelike Geodesic, defining test particle trajectory """ # Defining initial conditions metric = "Schwarzschild" position = [40.0, np.pi / 2, 0.0] momentum = [0.0, 0.0, 3.83405] # Calculating Geodesic geod = Timelike( metric=metric, metric_params=(), position=position, momentum=momentum, steps=5500, delta=1.0, ) return geod