This module allows for automatic plotting-backend switching.

class einsteinpy.plotting.geodesic.core.GeodesicPlotter(ax=None, bh_colors=('#000', '#FFC'), draw_ergosphere=True)[source]

Bases: StaticGeodesicPlotter

Class for automatically switching between Matplotlib and Plotly depending on platform used.


  • ax (Axes) – Matplotlib Axes object To be deprecated in Version 0.5.0 Since Version 0.4.0, StaticGeodesicPlotter automatically creates a new Axes Object. Defaults to None

  • bh_colors (tuple, optional) – 2-Tuple, containing hexcodes (Strings) for the colors, used for the Black Hole Event Horizon (Outer) and Ergosphere (Outer) Defaults to ("#000", "#FFC")

  • draw_ergosphere (bool, optional) – Whether to draw the ergosphere Defaults to True